Episode 6: What is Distraction?

Behind 3 Seconds Behind the Wheel is a podcast about the behind the scenes adventures of creating the documentary 3 Seconds Behind the Wheel. It offers an unusual look into the storytelling process, while highlighting many of the important issues discussed in the documentary.  Behind 3 Second Behind the Wheel comes complete with honest stories about the storytelling process, behind-the-scenes interviews with people featured in the doc, and bonus segments we just could fit into the one hour film.

Episode 6

What is Distraction?

July 25, 2018

Could it be that driving has become the distraction from the communication and infotainment world we now live in? Bryan Reimer, an MIT research scientist, ponders this question. In this episode, producer Jennifer Boyd takes you to the MIT AgeLab, where for nearly two decades, research scientists have been studying how humans of all ages interact with their cars.